Blue Chip Innovation designing emotional experiences

Blue Chip Innovation
Designing Emotional Experiences

What we do

Blue Chip Innovation workshop
Creative Collaboration
Facilitating multidisciplinary workshops to create new prototype experiences
- Visualising the ideas (sketching, modelling, prototype hackery)
- Bringing the ideas to life (digital and physical prototyping)
- Rapid iterative consumer evaluation of prototypes (Fast Cycle 
  Learning - learn quickly, fail fast
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Inspiring Insights
Blue Chip Innovation Insights
Understanding consumers habits and practices at all touchpoints (ZMOT – advertising, FMOT – buying, SMOT – using, TMOT - advocating) and identifying new, actionable insights
- What are they doing ? (ethnography, behaviour)
- Why are they doing this ? (In depth qualitative research)
- How are they feeling ? (metaphor elicitation)
- What senses are they using ? (consumer deep dive)
Translating Technology
Blue Chip Innovation Translating Technology
Taking insights and identifying key sensorial signals for all touchpoints
- Defining what the technology (product, pack, service provision) needs to deliver for all touchpoints
Evaluating Emotional Experiences
Blue Chip Innovation Evaluating Emotional Experiences
Understand what consumers say, do & feel about these new experiences
- Rapid response feedback/fast cycle learning
- Understand usage of new experiences (ethnography)
- Understand senses used (Neurometrics, Biometrics & Psychometrics – in association with NeuroStrata)