Blue Chip Innovation designing emotional experiences

Blue Chip Innovation
Designing Emotional Experiences

Creative Collaboration

Workshops that bring together colleagues from different functions and external experts are a great way to build teams and use the collective brain power that exists within your organization.
With experience of facilitating more than 30+ different workshops at Procter & Gamble, we can design, facilitate, provide illustrators and summarise your sessions.  If you are interested we can discuss your specific objectives then share a costed proposal for how the session would work.  Examples include :-
Product and Packaging Innovation - bringing together Formulation, Packaging, Insights, Sales, Marketing & Design to create new propositions
Commercial Innovation - bringing together Marketing, Agency , Insights and R&D to develop written concepts, POS material and Brand communication
Strategic Innovation - bringing together leaders across different functions to define where to play and what to do
Blue Chip Innovation Creative Collaboration


Blue Chip Innovation Fast Cycle Learning
With access to strategic partners we are able to take ideas developed in creative workshops and bring these to life quickly.
Digital Design & Prototyping - taking a germ of an idea and illustrating it.  These ideas can also be physically rendered to be photorealistic, then tested virtually with consumers.
Physical Prototyping - early seed ideas or concepts can be re-created on computer using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.  Skilled model makers can then create high quality, physical models using machining, moulds, vacuum casting, 3D printing, etc.  High quality printed packages  and graphics can also be made for testing in store impact.
Using Rapid Response Panels we can quickly get consumer response to your ideas then make design iterations.
Blue Chip Innovation Prototyping
Blue Chip Innovation Prototyping